We are a team of highly trained and experienced home inspectors.

We're Here for The Long Run!

Understanding the current condition of the home is important. We value the expertise it takes to accurately inspect your home as much as we value our clients. Healthy Homes Inspection Services will always strive to give you reports you can rely on.

Affordable Inspections

Get quality inspections at a great price. If you don't feel completely satisfied, we'll refund the inspection fee and pay for a re-inspection.

Experienced Team

Our team is full of professionals who have been in this industry for years. Our knowledge allows us to give you detailed inspections.

We Care

Treating our clients with care and concern is our business. We're not doing our job if you don't feel secure and valued with us.

Join Our Growing Team

Healthy Homes Inspection Services, LLC is a local, family owned company, specializing in residential home inspection services for East Central Illinois and surrounding areas.