Electrical Inspections
Enjoy 5-star Electrical Inspections for Central IL

Champaign and Bloomington Electrical Inspections

A well-done electrical inspection can be the difference between a safe Champaign and Bloomington home and one that is at risk.  With comprehensive, peerless inspection services and testing services available at unbeatable pricing, Healthy Homes Inspection Services is the clear choice for all your home inspection needs!  Since 2012, we have provided worry-free, thorough inspections for our valued clients. We are committed to your complete satisfaction with every job we undertake, and we offer a free consultation when you call us at 833-330-6366!

Professional Central Illinois Electrical Inspections

When you buy or sell a home or property, it is important to consider many factors, including:

  • Age of the home (40 years or more)
  • Appliance life and type
  • Major recent renovations

To ensure all electrical components are working correctly, from the fuse box to the ground wire, an electrical inspection may be necessary. Flaws found in your Champaign and Bloomington home can even contribute to fires, electric shocks, or other safety hazards.  Call Healthy Homes Inspection Services for all of your testing service needs at 833-330-6366.

There are many areas that our inspectors inspect thoroughly during every inspection, including:

  • Electrical Panels
  • Electric shock hazards
  • Condition of switches
  • Condition of outlets
  • Placement & condition of smoke detectors
  • Condition of carbon monoxide detectors

Healthy Homes Inspection Services Electrical Inspections

A proper electrical inspection with Healthy Homes Inspection Services will ensure the safety of both your home and your family. Schedule your electrical inspection today by calling 833-330-6366, and let Healthy Homes Inspection Services be your one-stop inspection shop in Champaign and Bloomington!

The Healthy Homes Advantage

Certified Master Inspector

Having helped thousands of home buyers with tough questions, our Master Home Inspector, Mike, will be able to help you to better understand your new home!

New Home Buyer Specialist

Breaking down the complexity of a new home is our specialty! We can help you walk away from your home inspection with an insightful understanding of your new home.

Home Support Resource

We provide customized resources to make your homeowner experience as successful as possible! From our library of DIY videos, and Free Consultation Services, to your personal, tailored Home Wizard App, you are sure to have the long-term support you need to be successful in home ownership!

200% Money Back Guarantee

After the inspection, if you’re not completely satisfied and feel we did not provide a detailed inspection and great customer service, just let the inspector know.  We’ll not only refund the inspection fee, we’ll pay for another inspector to re-inspect the home!*

*Terms and Conditions

Exclusive ‘Welcome Home’ Package

As your dedicated building consultants, we’ve been working behind the scenes to help you save money. In our ‘Welcome Home’ package below, you’ll be introduced to local professionals who we’ve worked with and trust! Even if you’ve been the the Central Illinois area your whole life, we’re confident that you’ll come to love and appreciate some of our ‘favorite picks’, as well!  Over $1150 in Discounts and Services and counting!

The Healthy Homes Advantage

Buyer’s Inspections

Buyer’s inspections include a full home inspection and set homeowners up for success with a detailed Home Maintenance Book and the amazing Home Wizard app, with the ability to search for appliance recall alerts!

Pre-Listing Inspections

Pre-Listing Inspections are for clients who wish to gain market advantage prior to placing their home on the market and includes a consultation with the inspector about the findings and how they may relate to the sale. Save money by avoiding costly last-minute negotiations!

Radon Measurement Testing

Our radon measurement tests are performed with the best in today’s continuous monitor technology, the Radalink AirCat. Don’t forget to pair your Radon test with a Home Inspection to save $45!

Mechanical Systems Inspections

This inspection includes the Furnace/Boiler, Air Conditioner, Electrical System, and Plumbing System; will include a brief report of findings. This is not a full home inspection.

Home Maintenance Inspections

A Full Home Maintenance Inspection is designed to help homeowners gain insight into their home’s current condition, prepare a home maintenance list to help reduce the potential for costly repairs, and check on the ‘not-so-often visited spaces’ in a home. This includes a Full Color Home Maintenance Book, a free Home Wizard app to help organize your maintenance tasks, and a Personal Home Binder with your report

Home Consultation ‘Walk-n-Talk’

This hour-long consultation involves a cursory evaluation of the home’s major systems and consultation with a client. This is NOT a home inspection and does not involve tools, photos, or a report. Not recommended for real estate transactions, the Walk and Talk is designed for folks who have specific questions about a home that are best discussed on site. Note: Client is encouraged to ask questions and take notes/photos, as desired.
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GET $40 in Savings!

Receive $40 off the total cost of a Radon Measurement Test when you pair it with a Home Inspection!